MgA. Stella Marisova
MgA. Stella Marisova                          


* Diploma from the Czech State Conservatory of Brno and Masters Degree from the Janacek Academy in Brno, Czech Republic.
* Diploma of the Accademia Chigiana in Siena (Italy) directed by Carlo Bergonzi.
* Second Prize at the SVOC contest (Czech Republic) in 1992.
Semi-finalist at the Competition for Young Lyric Talents in Vienna in 1993.
* Obtained the rank and title of Soloist after her numerous appearances at Mozart Opera in Prague and at the Reduta Theatre and the Janacek Opera in Brno.


For many years, Stella Marisova has been passing on her passion for vocal music to others by teaching voice.
Stella was a professor at the State Conservatory of Brno (Czech Republic).


Since 1998 she has taught at the “Union Saint Bruno” music school in Bordeaux.


Stella has prepared many students for exams held by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) in Bordeaux and Southwest France.
Email: atarahflute(at)


She has introduced a great number of students, young and old, to the art of singing and vocal technique.
She has helped them perfect their craft in masterclasses which she holds on a regular basis in the French departments of Gironde and Corrèze.


Stella’s teaching method is based on relaxation, deep breathing and learning to perceive one’s own unique sensitivity. Thus, the student is shown how to freely express his/her emotions by means of singing.
With her particular devotion to introducing beginners of all ages to the art of singing, Stella also provides reliable training, guidance and counsel to singers with a greater degree of experience as well.
Thanks to her diploma in music therapy, Stella is well aware that learning about body resonance through vocal training can help a person attain inner harmony. Her flexible approach to teaching voice permits every pupil to discover his/her own sensitivity and capacity for artistic expression and emotional communication.


Stella’s method
- First of all, she gains a general overview of the new pupil’s psychological make-up and personality.
- Recognizing a pupil’s true identity and personality enables the professor to find adequate solutions for specific vocal problems.
- The pupil discovers his/her own voice.


In view of certain questions you might still have, the following “questionnaire” gives you an idea of what you could gain from Stella’s teaching:


What am I going to learn?
You will learn to control your breathing and your voice, thus allowing you to gain a greater degree of self-control.
The more self-assured you are, the better you will sing.


How long does such training last?
Lessons on a regular basis can be conducted over the course of an entire lifetime.
The first audible results appear after six months (depending on the individual’s own personality and capacity).


Is it necessary to possess certain knowledge before I start to sing?
Do I need to know how to read music?
Do I need a good ear?
All you need is a good sense of rhythm and the ability to reproduce a note with your voice at the correct pitch.
You can acquire a certain proficiency in music reading and theory as you learn how to sing.
Former knowledge of solfège can also help accelerate your vocal training.
It is also advantageous, yet by no means essential, to already know how to play another instrument.


How will I be able to notice the changes?
Your friends and family will be the first to notice the change, and from them you will receive positive remarks and feedback. These, in turn, will enhance your self-assurance as a communicator, along with your self-esteem.


Is vocal training good at any age? Is it also advisable for stressed or hyperactive people?
Singing can be regarded as a form of therapy.
When you sing, your body produces endorphins – the hormones of well-being that calm, encourage and improve your overall mood.
Singing and playing music helps heal your body and your soul.
Therefore, this therapy can be recommended to everyone, to people of all ages.
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